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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is CBD?
    • Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second major cannabinoid found in cannabis plants like hemp and marijuana. Unlike the other major cannabinoid THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. The effects of CBD include: alerting at low doses, sedating at high doses, reduces pain, relaxes muscle spasms, potent anti-inflammatory, stops nausea/vomiting, reduces anxiety/depression, counters psychotic thoughts, anti-oxidant, anti-convulsant, neuro-protectant, and anti-tumor effects.
  • Do CBD Products get you high?
    • NO! CBD is not psychoactive in the way that THC is psychoactive and it will not get you high. However CBD can have an effect on your mental state. Many users of CBD report feeling a very subtle feeling of relaxation, alertness, or mental clarity from taking CBD. 
  • Do CBD Products have THC?
    • It depends on the product, please refer to the manufacturer's specifications.  
  • What is your refund/return policy.
    • Please see our Terms and Conditions page for our refund policy.
  • Can I give my child CBD?
    • Please consult with your primary care physician before giving your child any CBD products.